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How to retrieve and download your Instagram conversation history?

3 Jul 2023

3 minutes reading

Let’s see how to retrieve and download easily your Instagram messages for free

The process for downloading your instagram conversations is the same whether you do it from the mobile application (iPhone or Android) or from the desktop version of Facebook (Mac or PC).

In our text example, we used the desktop version of instagram for a better visibility.

In our video example, we used the mobile version of instagram. (Watch the video)

Step 1 – Going to the download page of your Instagram data

Login to your Instagram account.

Click on the small triangular icon in the top right corner of the page to access your “Settings” then click on “privacy and security”.

A new page appears (here is the direct link just in case

Click on “Request Dowload” (1)

Step 2 – Choosing Instagram download options

Here is the page where you can download the data recorded by Facebook about you.

In our case, we are only interested in Instagram messages.

Enter the email address of your account (2).

So we invite you to click on“JSON” (3).

Finally, click on “Next”.

Step 3 – Instagram data processing

Our Instagram friends will send you a first email 📩 to let you know that your request has been taken into account.

Allow them a little time to work on gathering all of your Messenger messages 💬 and you will receive a second email 📩 in a few hours to let you know that they are available.

Congratulations 🤩

You have saved 😇 your Instagram messages. Now they are stored on your computer.

Step 4 (optional) – – Keeping a paper backup of your Instagram data

You may not know it yet, but you can also turn your Instagram Messenger Conversation into a paper book with

Even though our computers are reliable, a paper version of your chats will always remain the safest way to keep them.

And a nice bonus, as it is a lovely gift.

Due to the new regulations, Facebook has to give you access to your data. You can therefore download information such as your publications, photos, friends, videos and the like. Good news: among this data, you can now retrieve all the messages you have sent via Instagram.

We all have a good reason to retrieve our Instagram messages, whether it’s to save them, to find a conversation with your partner or your family or even specific messages or photos. And as an extra treat, archived chats are also available for download.

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