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Birthday message ideas for a friend

15 Aug 2023

6 minutes reading

Your friend is always there for you. In good times and bad, she’s your sister at heart. If you feel like you can’t do enough for her, this is the perfect opportunity: her birthday. This is the day to show her what a special place she has in your life.

It’s his birthday!

A surprise birthday party with all her friends, little touches throughout the day, a trip with her friends… Organise it the way you like it (or better, the way she likes it)! But don’t forget that the birthday wishes of a good friend like you, or her best friend, are priceless.

How to send your best wishes

The most important thing is to let her know that she can count on you as much as you count on her.

Your wishes can be a birthday card, a text message, a scribbled message on coloured paper. It’s something she’ll keep, even after the words are carefully printed in her heart. Here are all our ideas for saying “Happy Birthday”.

Text and message ideas

We have all wished for many birthdays. Sometimes we have a little lack of inspiration. You have to understand us: we have a lot of love to share around us.

The recipe for successful wishes

To help you find the right message, the little nugget that will earn you the most beautiful smile, here are some text and message templates. Use your imagination and let your friend guess who you are through your message!

Hint: with a touch of humour, it’s always better…

“May gifts rain down and happiness abound in this new year of your life! O wonderful person, please accept this modest text message as a token of friendship from your best friend. Happy birthday.”

Your friend is a wonderful person 🤩

You know that. But she may not… This is the opportunity to tell her, to wish her the best birthday ever. Friendship has no age limit: every girl or woman likes to receive greetings from her friend.

For a lifelong friend

In kindergarten, you shared your snack with her. You learned to read together in school. You crossed the threshold of middle school, terrified but together. You made a whole bunch of new friends in high school, but she was always the best. When you started to stand on your own two feet, you never stopped supporting each other.

This special friend deserves a beautiful birthday message. Here are some ideas.

“The most beautiful, the best ever! A whirlwind of joy in my life since the beginning, watch out for you today because I intend to return the favour… With all my heart, I wish you a lot of happiness, even more than you bring every day to your friends and everyone else (and especially to me).”

“Happy birthday to the very special person who is my friend for life. I wish you much happiness, love and joy. Celebrate it well… even though you know perfectly well that I will take care of it anyway!”

For a long life of friendship

You may not be young anymore, but your age does not prevent you from being the best of friends. Quite the opposite! After so many years shared through all the stages of life, no one knows your friend better than you. If life keeps you apart, your birthday wishes will make her all the more happy:

“On this beautiful day, your birthday, I remember all our precious memories. Thank you for your unfailing friendship. See you soon for new adventures together. In the meantime, I’m breaking out the champagne to celebrate a new year full of joy and good health!”

“There is nothing like your friendship to get us through life… One more, but always together!”

For a new friend

Have you ever had a friendship at first sight? Of course you have. As soon as you meet your new girlfriend, you feel the connection immediately, and you know that it won’t stop for long. A short birthday text message will let her know that she can count on you.

“We haven’t known each other that long, and yet I’m so excited: it’s your birthday! I wish you a very happy birthday. Count on me to celebrate with dignity! A thousand kisses and see you soon.

“Happy birthday to you! I was really lucky the day we met. I hope that this year all the wishes you’ve dreamed of will come true… I’ll see to it!

How to wish your friend a happy birthday

Everyone has their own technique! Here’s how you can best tailor your ideas to your circumstances.

Wishing her a happy birthday by SMS

Who doesn’t like to stay in bed for a little while to discover all their birthday messages? Or read them surreptitiously over a busy day…

Valuable Text

We all know the SMS principle: a priori, it’s pretty short. But for a birthday, you can do a little rule violation. Without writing a novel, your friend will enjoy reading and rereading a small text written just for her.

“I am writing this little message to wish you a very happy birthday. I wish you a day full of joy, and a lot of love and happiness for the coming year. With all my friendship.”

Send him a birthday card

Is it becoming less and less common? Perfect, it’s getting better! This special attention will not fail to touch your friend.

A little festive air

You can take the opportunity to choose a nice card that it can hang on the wall. Some cards already include quotes, which you can complete with your personalized birthday message.

“Best birthday wishes. I wish you:

  • 12 months of happiness and luck;
  • 52 weeks of love and friendship;
  • 8,760 hours of health;
  • 525,600 minutes of joy;
  • 31,536,000 seconds of memorable moments.

Happy Birthday! Today, it is you who give me a gift by being the best friend. This day is all for you, celebrate it well!”

If you have enough inspiration, feel free to put a letter in the birthday card for this wonderful friend.

What if you gave him a book of your messages?

We were talking about a text that she could read and read… What if you printed all your messages in a book? There is no shortage of text messages between girlfriends.

MySMSBook prints messages from all your conversations into one book. Scrolling through it, you will see:

  • your little secrets;
  • forgotten anecdotes;
  • shared laughs;
  • comfort words as only she can write them (and you for her);
  • photos of your moments of complicity;
  • and even QR codes for your audio and video messages!

This usually very popular gift allows you to celebrate your beautiful friendship together.

Here are the types of printable conversations: MessengerWhatsAppInstagramiPhone SMS, or Android SMS see the different versions available on the site, by clicking the “MonlivreSMS – how to print sms“.

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