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Each book is about 400 pages long, which corresponds to about 6,000 messages for A5 format and 20,000 messages for A4 format (it depends on the size of your messages and the number of pictures!) If your conversation has more messages, it will be printed on several books.

They appear like on your phone: you can choose who is on the right or on the left and the color of the bubbles, with several colors available.
For A5 books, you have only one column of messages per page, but on A4 books, there will be 2 columns of messages per page.

You have the choice between several different colors when creating your book. On this cover will be written the chosen title as well as a cover photo and the volume number if you order several books.

The answer is yes! They are displayed as QR Codes

Unfortunately, we have some bad news: on certain Android phones, WhatsApp limits the export of media to the most recent messages and photos (max size 15 MB). It’s as if WhatsApp decided to selectively sort its media!
The current solution to get all the messages is to export without the media. However, if you want the complete conversation with the media, you can always try exporting it from an iPhone. Alternatively, you can also contact WhatsApp in the “help” section of their app to report the problem. Maybe they’ll eventually realize they’ve applied the wrong filter!

So, are there some secrets in the air?
At MonLivreSMS, we’ve chosen not to offer this feature to preserve the authenticity of your conversations. After all, it’s often in those seemingly innocent little messages that we find the nuggets of complicity!
That being said, if you absolutely must make some messages disappear (we won’t ask why), here’s a magician’s trick: delete them directly from your phone before creating your book. Hush, let’s keep this technique secret between us, alright?

In most cases, it is possible! Just write to us at and we’ll see what we can do.

Can’t find the answer to your question, even after scouring every nook and cranny of our FAQ? Fear not, super MonLivreSMS is here to rescue you! Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we’ll be delighted to help you out, like a hero swooping in to light up your path.

The price of the book is 29,99 € (free shipping in Europe) for the A5 format in paper and 39,99 € for the A4 format and 19,99 € for the digital format (eBook). Each book contains up to 400 pages. If the conversation has more messages, it will be printed on several books

We deliver all over the world, you are lucky. Everyone has the right to read their messages. However, depending on the country, there is sometimes a slight surcharge and a longer delay. Our orders are shipped by Colissimo.

Once the order is validated, our little magicians make your book with love and your order is shipped two days later. Orders are shipped every Wednesday and Friday. In less than a week you have your book in your hands.
The delivery is insured by Colissimo. The delivery times announced are from D+1 to D+2 for France and slightly longer for international deliveries and unfortunately we do not have the hand on it.

Your conversations are transformed into books automatically by computers, no one reads your conversations. Be reassured!

We work with a French printing company that cares about the environment. If you want more information, click here.

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