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How to print your text messages from Instagram ?

Log in to your account from the Instagram website (not the app).
Click on “Settings” – “Security”- “Download data” in JSON format (not HTML)
In case here is the direct link: “download data”

(For other types of conversations MessengerWhatsAppSMS from iPhone or SMS from Android see the different versions available on the site, by clicking on the associated logo on the home screen. You can even merge multiple conversations into a single one with our conversation merge feature. Once you’ve transferred all your conversations to our site, go to the “My Conversations” section and select the conversations you want to merge. Then, click on the merge option and our system will combine them in chronological order into a single conversation for you)

More detailed explanations: click here

Our friends at Instagram will send you an email to confirm that your request has been successfully received. They will work to gather all your lovely Instagram messages into your backup file. Then, in a few hours, they will send you a second email to let you know that your messages are ready to be retrieved.

Download your data file and once it’s saved , we recommend storing it in a safe and easily accessible place (your phone, computer, Google Drive, or other storage options). Then, click on the link to create your paper book or ebook (PDF file) “create my book” and upload the received .zip file without opening it (if your browser opens it by default, compress it again before submitting it to us).

When you upload the file to the website, you’ll be prompted to choose from all the available conversations in your data file, whether they are one-on-one or group conversations. Once you make your selection, only the chosen conversation will be transferred to your account.
During the transfer of your Instagram messages to the website, we invite you to stay on the page during the loading process so that all the photos can be properly transferred , ensuring that you don’t end up with only text.
You can always find your saved conversations in your “My Conversations” space, where the number of messages, photos, and images will be indicated.
This includes any other transferred conversations from iPhone SMS, Android SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp. You can also delete them at any time.

Once the conversation is successfully transferred, you will arrive at the page where you can choose the title for the book cover and its color. You can write a personal dedication that will be printed before the first message. You will choose the color and placement of speech bubbles for each participant. Then, you will be asked to choose a start and end date. Finally, the website will indicate the number of books needed to print this period.
Please note that each book can contain 400 pages, which averages up to 6,000 messages for an A5 book and 20,000 messages for an A4 book. There is no limit to the number of messages, and if you exceed this quantity, multiple books will be suggested. You can select all of them or choose only the first one, for example.

Your “MonLivreSMS” books with an Instagram conversation are almost ready! All you need to do now is provide us with the address where you want them to be delivered (we ship worldwide), make the payment, and we’ll take care of the rest .
Please note that it takes between 2 to 4 days for your books to be dispatched from our French printing house, of which we are proud because it has been recognized for its corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives.
For deliveries within France, it takes 1 to 2 days for you to receive your package, depending on your local postal service. For other countries, the delivery time varies depending on the destination.
Just a reminder: if it’s a gift, the packages are discreet, and the recipient will only discover the contents upon opening.

One last thing to know: within an hour, you will receive an ebook by email (a PDF file), which corresponds to the digital version of your “MonLivreSMS” book with your Instagram conversation. If you chose the “paper printing” option, this PDF file will allow you to verify that everything is perfect before printing your beautiful book. We recommend checking if the photos are there, if you like the layout, and if the dates correspond to the ones you selected.
If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us at, and we’ll find a solution together.
We also recommend saving this PDF ebook file on your Windows or Mac computer, smartphone, or even on your Google Drive so you can read it whenever you want.

Now that all the steps are complete, you have saved your Instagram messages from the depths of your phone, and your story comes back to life forever. You will soon rediscover it ️ in your printed or digital book.

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How to print your text messages instructions

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